Compensation Disclosure

This compensation disclosure applies to Slickwheels including, without limitation, both mobile and online versions of our web sites (referred to herein as the “site”. It is provided for the purpose of disclosing the financial relationship with advertisers, sponsors and other third parties that appear on the Site (referred to herein as “advertisers”).

This disclosure has been posted on the site since Slickwheels may receive monetary compensation from a referral to an independent business, such as a car dealer, lender or credit card provider (each a “Referred Business”). The Slickwheels websites and communications may include advertisements for products or services (including cars, car loans or other financing, extended car warranties, insurance, roadside assistance services, personal loans, credit building services and credit cards) offered by a Referred Business (each a “Referred Product/Service”).

Those referrals and advertisements do not guarantee that a Referred Product/Service will be offered or available to you as indicated or at all, or that you will qualify to purchase or receive a Referred Product/Service. The availability of a Referred Product/Service is within the discretion of the relevant Referred Business (not the Slickwheels) and will be subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Referred Business (not by the Slickwheels).

Referred Businesses are independent from the Slickwheels, and Slickwheels does not have any control over, and are not responsible or liable for, any Referred Business or any Referred Product/Service. Each Referred Business will provide its Referred Products/Services subject to a separate agreement between you and the Referred Business, and Slickwheels are not parties to that agreement or any related transaction between you and the Referred Business. Your dealings with Referred Businesses and your use of a Referred Product/Service are at your own risk, and you will not make any claim against Slickwheels arising from, connected with, or relating to your dealings with a Referred Business or any Referred Product/Service.

You may regularly see third party ads posted on the Site. Each time you click on an ad, Slickwheels may receive a small commission from the third party advertiser, even if you do not purchase something from the third party.